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Sniff, sneeze, snort

…ugh, I have a cold, first one in a long time, and I am fairly grumpy about it. I spent most of yesterday either in bed or on the couch. I am very sorry for myself. Saying that, I got a lot done, and managed to finish another photo book, so one more to complete, with a few things that need scanning, and then I should be all done, for now – Year 1, Year 2, year 1 at Preschool. Year 3, 4 and 5 to go, year 2 at preschool and Paris (which started last week). I am using Blurb to do them, which is a US based company. Their software is very user friendly, I have downloaded backgrounds and accents from The Shabby Shoppe (a digital scrapbooking store) and have had some fun putting it all together. I have previously ordered a book via them, Tenacious Travels, and it looked awesome, I have to say it was better than what I had seen done locally. So that was Sunday.

Friday night was the Movie Magic night at Thandi’s school, they screened Maya the Bee, and all the kids seemed to have lots of fun. I was in charge of the Hot Chocolate station, and all seemed to go off well, we definitely made more cups of hot chocolate than the team did last year (yay for us!), but it was quite cool! Thandi watched a bit of the movie, and then decided that she wanted to play on the jungle gyms, she had a blast, and was exhausted. She made it just out the school gates before she dozed off in the car. Sweet kid!

Saturday we were up early for the Tackies and Tutus fun run/walk fundraiser for Thandi’s ballet school. It was a gorgeous morning, and the event was hosted at one of our nearby farms, well, fun was had by all, considering that most of the children were under 10, things really went off well. Then we headed home, Charlie had a bit of work to do, and I was preparing for a braai in the evening – it’s always quite something when you invite friends who have lots of children! (there were 7 careening around my house) Ntombi thought she was is heaven, all these noisy, running, busy children! Hehe! Anyway, it was fun, but I was starting to feel ever so miserable, so once everyone left, I collapsed happily into bed…

And now it’s Monday morning – let’s do this thing!


  halberts2014 wrote @

Blegh, hope you feel better soon. Sounds like a hectic weekend

  runnermum wrote @

I hate having a cold – not sick enough to stay at home and get sympathy. šŸ™‚

  MamaCat wrote @

That is great that you have your photobooks on their way to being sorted. I am still trying to get through it all.
Hope you feel better soon!

  catjuggles wrote @

I love photo books and have done them every year up to when I discovered Project life – which is how I now keep memories. And ugh to the cold!

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