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Losing things

…not least of all my mind, but hey…

So a few weeks ago I wanted to put some things onto my external hard drive – I am really coming to the end of my pc’s life, and just need to transfer a last few things to the hard drive, so I can be completely apple integrated and au fait! I haul the hard drive, but cannot for the life of me find the cable – I check in amongst the spaghetti that lurks on the floor in my office, I check my desk drawers, I check at home – gone! Where does it go to, I wonder? I don’t use my Macbook anywhere else – home or the office only – so where, oh where did it go? I will probably find it tangled amongst the Christmas lights, or something like that! (replaced it yesterday, after breaking my first replacement one – don’t know my own strength!)

And then this morning, I get to my Mac, open it up, look in my bag for my Garmin ant stick – not there! Now I know I used it yesterday to upload my runs, afterwards I unplugged it, put the cap back on (so that I don’t break this one) and put it somewhere – I thought in my bag. Took everything home, but owing to a school sewing project I certainly didn’t even open that bag, and now this morning – it’s gone! Argh!!!!

I really do drive myself crazy!


  runnermum wrote @

I feel your pain… It is beyond frustrating.

And what is it with tweezers, nail clippers and adaptor plugs?

  charliesbird wrote @

Yes, don’t even get me started on adapters – I swear Charlie hides them on purpose! Steals my iPhone charger too!!!

  drhf wrote @

Hehe, took me a week to find my alarm remote I had put into a very safe place. Think the quote I got for the replacement made me have a keener eye!

  charliesbird wrote @

Found the Garmin ant stick, yay!

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