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Resetting the switch

…the last few weeks have felt like hell. I’ve been tired, snappy, stretched almost beyond the limits of my resiliance, and after carefully investing in a bit of time for me this last weekend, I have been careful to maintain the gains I made. Last week it seemed impossible to me that I would make the end of this week feeling as good as I do. I’m still just barely fighting off that dreaded burn out, but for this week, I have made some progress. And I’m trying to figure out how I managed it.

Well, I have been blessed with a better week at work, with no call outs at horrible hours of the night, which has meant that I have been able to sleep properly. I have made a conscious effort to go to bed earlier than usual.

I am trying hard to play less games on my apple devices. Not only do they keep me awake – when I’m waiting for a delivery I can while away hours playing Candy Crush; but they suck up talk time with Charlie, so we end up being 2 lonely souls on opposite ends of the couch engrossed in our devices, as opposed to each other. I am working on some photo books, which keeps the laptop open, but at least that is creative and productive, and gives me delightful moments of reminiscing!

We are eating better. The time had come to seriously take myself in hand and stop the drift back into obesity. The weekend was a chocolate and junk food fest, and that needed to end. Not only will I be healthier with 5kgs down, but I know dropping the gluten again will make my body feel and work so much better. (and the running might get a bit easier!)

And yes, I have settled down again, with a what looks like a far more manageable running programme. I have released myself from the ultra stresses, and I am looking forward to having some fun running again. I was really finding running to be more work, which really isn’t what it was ever supposed to be. Not another stressor in this crazy life of mine. And this afternoon I will head bak to the gym and Gusto my trainer for the first session in a while. I expect to be whimpering tomorrow (but in a good way).

And after a few days or weeks of this, then hopefully I can find my Birdie groove again, and be more of a wife and a mom, instead of the lump of misery and exhaustion on the couch. (Date night tonight, so watch out Charlie!)


  runnermum wrote @

I can so relate to this – Candy Crush and then even the more stupid game of Odd Socks.
Eating way too many Flings and other carbs.
Running a chore and not a joy.
And before this turn into a blog…
Have a wonderful weekend

  nyamazela wrote @

I gave up Candy Crush about 18months and got my life back, praise God! You can do it Birdie!

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