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I say it again

…family is important. And wine is evil.

So yesterday I flew into KZN to bid my aunt farewell. It’s such a funny situation, you know. My aunt was my married to my mother’s eldest brother – older by 17 years. I am my mother’s youngest child, by 13 years, so it turns out, most of my cousins are a good few years older than me, and most of them have children my age. So yesterday I got to hang with one of my coolest first cousins – who is all of 61 years young! And she really is young – crazy, funny, OTT, beautiful with her multicoated hair – and we really don’t see enough of each other (and we say that every time!) and it was good. We drank too much wine and at around 1 this morning I experienced said wrath of grapes, but the catch up was great – we laughed, we shed tears, we reminisced, we dreamed…

Rest well Aunty M, enjoy that long awaited reunion with Uncle C. And D, thanks for the laughs!


  halberts2014 wrote @

Gosh, a wine headache is the worst. Nice to catch up with family though.
RIP Aunty M, sounds like you were much loved

  catjuggles wrote @

Sounds like a wonderful catch up and a great cousin. Actually sad that we only see some family with funerals and weddings. We said the same in January

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