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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Catching my breath

…was what I tried to do this weekend. I’m not sure it worked, but hey, onward and upward. Thanks for all the positive feedback on my last post, I’m hanging on with broken fingernails at the moment. I will see what the week brings and take things from there.

Friday night I spent preparing for Saturday’s Valentine’s Eve dinner. And we managed to have drinks with friends too. It was a good calm evening. Then Saturday began – there was shopping to finish off, there was a house to tidy and a table to set, and then food to cook! My tapas, I think were well selected, and seem to be enjoyed. I enjoyed the preparation of them, the only issue really is that it is such a ‘last minute’ prep, that I felt under prepared a bit harassed when everyone started arriving! Anyway… Our menu was

  • smoked paprika almonds
  • marinated artichokes
  • olives
  • patas bravas – brave potatoes – cooked and roasted with garlic and chilli – yum!
  • Tortilla Espanola – a traditional spanish style potato frittata
  • jamon croquettes – fried ham and potato dumplings
  • albindangos – meatballs in a saffron and almond sauce
  • chickpeas in vinigrette
  • mushrooms in chilli and garlic
  • prawns poached in beer
  • pan con tomate – kinda like spanish bruschetta
  • serrano ham wrapped plums
  • a spanish meat and manchego cheese platter

Dessert followed – caramel stuffed churros, unfilled churros with chocolate dipping sauce, figs baked with goats cheese and honey. Yum! I really do have some special friends; we were counting and this is the 6th year I have been hosting this dinner! This year they spoilt me with some stunning flowers – lisianthus in shades of purple, and a beautiful bracelet! Thanks my inner circle!

IMG_3120 IMG_3119IMG_3122

Sunday was indeed the day, and we were lucky enough to get invited to go on a yacht trip out the harbour. It was a great trip, and we got to see some very playful dolphins surfing the waves and feeding in the harbour mouth. The girl child had such fun with her friends. The weather was great and the company special!


The rest of Sunday was consumed by a birthday party for one of Thandi’s school friends – she had a blast! From a jumping castle, a sloppy slide, a swimming pool, a treasure hunt to an enormous piece of birthday cake – fun was had by all!

By last night I was almost comatose, and collapsed into a heap. I didn’t run this weekend, I was not feeling up to it – I know that my brain is my most powerful tool – both constructively and destructively, and this weekend, I felt pulled in a 1000 different directions, and running got sacrificed. I did run this morning. It felt tough.




  runnermum wrote @

Yum. You always make me feel so guilty – I ran and spend the rest of the weekend on the couch.

  nyamazela wrote @

Your comment of hanging from broken fingernails made me think of a scene in one of my favourite films – Postcards from the Edge. Have a little laugh at this:

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