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…annoyances! I am really starting to drive myself crazy. Sometimes I despair! I sign up for things, think I am being super prepared, and then with a week to go realise I am so not ready, and then I beat myself up, stay up late, worry about things until I feel sick…

I am so conflicted, and am quite nervous even verbalising (or should I say writing) this – I’m not sure I am ready for my marathon next week. And if I don’t do it, all my running plans for this year are compromised – no 2 Oceans, no Comrades… But if I do it, and I qualify, I’m a step closer to all those dreams. But I might not, and then what, I’ve killed myself for nothing? And what if I injure myself, and then can’t run anyway? I have 2 charities depending on me running wild women in 2 weeks after the marathon! Argh! I hate my brain! I hate that I am feeling so under prepared, I hate that I am just feeling compromised! I hate that I am so flipping slow, and always at the back of all the runs I do. I hate that I don’t have enough time to get to all the training I think I should do. I hate that I am so frikkin’ tired.


  halberts2014_77 wrote @

LOl at hating your brain. I know THAT feeling 🙂

  runnermum wrote @

OK take a deep breath. You have done a marathon before, you can again.
Game plan – you’re best time on a 21 is 2:06 or there abouts. That is not at the back of the pack – that is a 6minute a km average.
Game plan for marathon day – no pressure – if you run a 4:16 or a 4:59 your seeding for Two Oceans is the same. Don’t worry about Comrades now. So run your first 21km’s comfortable. Anything under 7minutes a km means you have over 7minutes a km for the second half. You start walking before you are tired. First half at every watertable. second half every time you are out of breath or you can hear your rhythm is out.
Get a good recovery drink (I use Pepto-pro – the worst tasting stuff in the world) for after the marathon. Get your professional mum to give you a proper massage and you’ll be ready for your long run. Take Pepto pro along and take it every evening.
You will be fine.
Oops sorry – this is a blog now.

  charliesbird wrote @


  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

ja babe, deep breath. you’ve put in the k’s. you’ll be fine. and if the running gods throw some whimsy at you, then so be it. there will be many more races in your future 🙂

  MamaCat wrote @

Breathe, have a cup of tea and be calm. Then re read this blog.

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