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An ode

…to my nurse. SrB has worked for me for almost 11 years, there was a short while when she left me and worked at the hospital, but she came back, and we are inseparable. Yes, I know there are times we both drive each other cray, and I can watch it happen – I’m stressed and stretched, and usually she is as cool as a cucumber, but then I push her a bit too far and we both get sulks. Fortunately she is so level headed, it seldom lasts for long. In terms of my patients, she cares for them like a mother hen. I tell all of my girls, simply because I am difficult to get hold of, they should call her during the day with any problems, and she is spot on with her advice and recommendations. In addition, she is the finest injection giver I have encountered, one hardly feels them, well except the vitamin B shots, which burn like a mother anyway, despite techniques!

I have to at this stage also mention that she is a qualified sport massage therapist, and once a week I get a leg massage from her – it is agony, I squirm and squeak (occasionally), but it is the best!!!!

SrB – you’re my work mom, thank you!


  halberts2014_77 wrote @

So important to have a great partner, in many aspects of life.
LOL at “work mom”

  nyamazela wrote @

Always good to give praise where praise is due! Can I come for one of those vitamin B shots next time I’m in the Southern Hemisphere?

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