Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…where is it going? And how will I find some more? I beg! Yoh, things are busy in my neck of the woods – between work, the deli and school commitments – there is really not much time left in my day. And I have to say I feel like I am running on empty.

I am so used to being self sufficient, and asking for help or seeking assistance makes me feel like I am weak and copping out. I really do annoy myself sometimes. Throw in all these hair brain schemes I get caught up in – running that little trot in KZN, or the mother’s committee at school, or the deli itself. I often think I am completely bloody mad and that really, there is no saving myself. I am condemned to dissolve in puddle of nothing, after I have given my whole self away… When will I learn? Learn to save myself?

With all this lurking in the background, my shoulders are hunched around my ears, as I am dealing with a pretty impressive stressor at the moment. I have some huge decisions to take, and really, really don’t know what I want to do. Do I/ Don’t I? Is there an alternative solution to a problem I can’t quite share here yet? I just don’t know. And all the answers I seem to come up with seem to be answers to stem everyone else’s woes, and I’m really confused…

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  halberts2014 wrote @

Oh goodness, I feel like hiding from the world on your behalf 🙂
I always see the mountain before the molehill.
One thing at a time and stop offering more of yourself. It looks like you are a people pleaser, like most of us.
Big hugs, you’ll push through to the other side

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