Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

What a view

…in the midst of the craziness of a weekend, and dinners and birthdays and ironman and HEAT, this was the sunrise on my run on Saturday morning…


Makes it all worthwhile!

Although on the running front, I’m stumped. I’m training hard, maybe not smart, and it just doesn’t seem to be getting any easier! The only thing I can see is that my average heart rate is coming down a bit, so I guess things must be improving! But I am getting frustrated now! I’m putting in the mileage, I’m sleeping well (as well as a doctor can), I’m hungry and eating ok (although I am not seeing any progress on the scale – argh!), I’m hardly drinking any alcohol; I’m not quite sure what to change? Time for a chat with Coach Mo, I think.

Anyway, beautiful people, have gorgeous days!



  runnermum wrote @

Squats and lunges to make your legs stronger. Mix it up – speed work, hill work, stairs – if you can find it. I expected to run with my normal group this morning and nobody pitched and I had to run with the faster group – I almost died – but I could feel my muscles firing away instead of just accepting the workout.

  halberts2014 wrote @

You runners are nuts, haha, and I mean that in a nice way 🙂

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