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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

First days

…and so yesterday was one of many more ‘first days’ we will go through – 1 of 14 give or take…


So the build up to things was quite intense, with her bestie starting Grade 1, wearing uniform and all of that, and Thandi joining her at the same school, things were totally exciting! We counted down the last few days of the holiday, and then finally the day was here. I managed to organise my day, so that I could join the monster school run for this first day. As we were about half way through the traffuck, we realised that we had forgotten to put the box in the car – the box that contained all the things the school had requested we bring – tissues, crayons, books, flip files… Argh! So around we turned, headed back home, but made it back in time for the start of the day – thank heavens I had pushed the breakfast run!

As we approached the school, Thandi was bubbling, “Mom, we are so close to my school, I can’t believe I am going to this school for the first time!” We jumped out the car and joined the streams of kids heading into their respective classrooms, and a little soul got a bit quieter, and I could see her starting to feel a bit anxious. Her pace slowed gradually, the nearer we got the her classroom. We were welcomes by Mrs W, who made sure she found her locker, we unpacked all her goodies, and posed for a few photos. Then we developed a limpet. she hung onto first my leg, then Charlie’s leg… after a while, she unstuck herself and started to play with one of her little friends from her preschool, and then all her nerves melted, and she kissed us goodbye, and was off… Charlie and I returned home, feeling a little thoughtful and I had a good dose of memories (given that this is my old school, and I walked past my first classroom, after having had the same drive to school in the morning…)

Anyway, we fetched her and she really seemed to have had a nice day – she was a quite tired after everything, and I could see lots of processing happening behind her slightly frowny face. Let’s hope that her second day in grade 00 goes as well…




  runnermum wrote @

It is so heartbreaking to see them grow up so quickly. I hope she loves every minute of school.

My little inner devil has to ask if the traffuc was a freudian slip or on purpose? 🙂

  charliesbird wrote @

definitely on purpose;-)

  MamaCat wrote @

My little one seems to think he is playing all day, but he is tired when we get home.
Good to know she is doing well with school. It is a relief to know your baby is fine.

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