Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Quiet reflection

…this morning I got my last run of the year in. It wasn’t pretty, it was very hot, and I was cramps, but I did it, and it gave me pause for thought. A 60 minute hiatus in what will, predictably, be a busy day. And I got to thinking about how incredible a year I have had…. so my year in photo highlights…

039This princess!

083 In JHB, our visa trip

049Valentine’s dinner

023Playing on the beach!


110 069 067 344 480 642 718 625 613 917

IMG_2001Someone turned 4, IMG_0755and someone turned 40!

IMG_1041My dancer  IMG_1914More beach time!

11935114_1477767702523867_2730217773915752461_oOpened my shop!


365Paris marathon

014 My half marathon PB, until 2 weeks later, when I ran a 2:04!

096Knysna Half

120Houtkapper trail

016 Hogsback trail

IMG_1421My second place in the nite series

IMG_2246 My first stage trail event, the FDT!

IMG_2685My princess on Christmas morning!

It’s been a good and full year! A year of many many highs. And I am so blessed.

Blessed to have a body that can run, blessed to have a brain and mind that work efficiently, allowing me to earn well to take care of and spoil my family well, blessed with beautiful friends and family, blessed with my blog readers (thanks for all the comments you guys!) blessed with this beautiful country in which we live. Blessed with my beautiful daughter, and blessed with my most excellent husband, Charlie!

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