Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

And so…

..that was Christmas. My tree is turning brown and shedding her needles, the decorations are starting to fall off the droopy branches, and the mess and clutter is starting to drive me muggy. So it’s time to pack it all away – the stockings, the gold baubles, the wreath, the speaking christmas bear, the nativity scene…

The weekend was mixed, moments of intense pleasure and beauty, times of excited insanity and a LOT of work. Christmas day itself saw 3 babies (Joshua, Gabriel and Lila) welcomed into the world, and lots of OBGYN work, along with a successful (I think) dinner for 16. It was really tough this year, juggling the busy OBGYN workload, mom desires and host duties. I don’t want to be the grinch, but next time, it might be on someone else’s shoulders to host (even if that someone else is a restaurant!) (I can’t believe I just said that, I don’t even recognise myself anymore!) (Good God!)

IMG_2685 Cutest smile when she realised Father Christmas had brought her exactly what she’d requested!

IMG_2693 Christmas table


IMG_2697 Playmobile with her bestie!

IMG_2703Lego friends!!!

Fun was had by all!

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