Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…can I ask your leniency, and would you mind if I have a little rant? You see, I’m feeling very sorry for myself. I am working, and working hard while the rest of the world seems to be on holiday. And I’m feeling a tad sorry for myself. You see, there is the work and the demands of the patients, and I know they mean well, but if one more patient asks when I’m closing up for the season, I’ll scream. ‘You’re here for your appointment’, I want to growl, ‘how could I take time off?’ And really, you know for a couple of days, we tell all the babies in the world not to be born, so we could take your collective holiday.

Then there are the shops that are driving me crazy. Don’t we all eat the entire year? How is it that the shops are heaving at their seams only now? (except my shop, that is. It’s quiet, so come and shop there, please!) Argh! And don’t even get me started on the on line retailers – last night I was trying desperately to finalise my woolies order for Christmas (because, I don’t really have the time to get to said shops, because I am doing you PAP smear) and the page went down. And it isn’t the easiest interface to use, so I’d already been on the site for about 90 minutes. And it took another hour for me to get that finalised. An hour I could have slept (before being called by the hospital). 150 minutes of my life which I won’t get back…

And then my darling daughter, who I love beyond all measure cannot seem to sleep past about 4h30 at the moment. Dear Mother of God, I need to sleep! I am tired, cranky and getting woken up by work at all hours of the night, please could I just sleep until 5h30 or 6?

And let’s not even talk about my running. I have goals for next year, and I am seriously beginning to doubt that I will achieve them.

Ok. Cranky whiney session done. I can’t promise that I will be all happy and chirpy from here on out, but I will try.

Bah, bloody, humbug…

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