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Where did it go?

…time, that is, this week? How is it that I blinked and it’s over almost? Jingoes!

Anyway, the week has been full! Monday night we bid the nieces farewell, and popped them back on the plane to JHB, ah, my heart was sore! As was Thandi’s. She was so brave while we said hello, but as we walked back to the car in the parking lot, there was a little quaver in the voice as she told me that she was very sad that her cousins were going home, and then, when I knelt to hug her, the tears flowed… Poor girl, so now she is planning that holiday to see her cousins in JHB. Cute kid!

Tuesday and wednesday were really busy days at the office. Yes, I know Wednesday was a public holiday, but I elected to work through it, so I could have yesterday off. An old school friend of mine is visiting her parents, she currently lives in the UK, and it worked out that yesterday was about the only day we could connect. So I worked wednesday, and then yesterday we headed out to the seaside village where her parents have retired, and spent the day with her family – it was so good to catch up, we slotted in, as though there hadn’t been 10 years since we last saw each other. And isn’t that one of the friendship tests? Oh it was so good! And her brother was there with his family from Zambia, so Thandi had some chommies to play with, and they had an absolute blast on the beach, splashing in the lagoon – making awesome memories. And she was cute, when it was home time, she protested loudly, because “Mom, you said we would go home at the nighttime” so I had to explain, that yes, the sun was still up, but it was 6pm! We have decided we will try to get the girls to stay in contact as ‘pen pals’. I know that’s quite an old fashioned idea, but I like the idea of writing letters and sending cards.

It really felt like an indulgent day – I, at least, got a taste of the holiday spirit. We drank tea, walked on the beach, had a great braai (with a Birdie made trifle for dessert – a Christmas test run – yum), we spoke, we shared our life experiences. Special times.

Ok, so here we go – it’s Friday, I’m on call probably from now until after Christmas. Wish me luck!


  nyamazela wrote @

I totally agree Birdie!

What a super day spent together after far too many years apart.

Something special – let’s call it a ‘hope’ and a prayer – brought us back together, and despite how tough that one ‘hope’ has been for me in 2016, I’m so glad it’s brought us closer and made the years disappear!

Love you dearly, Birdie. And Hubby is now a real fan as well!

By the way, thanks also for inspiring me to begin blogging and then going on to become my most dedicated reader and commenter! A blessed new year to you, Charlie and Thandi! MWAH!

  charliesbird wrote @

smooches you gorgeous girl!

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