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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…is it just me, or are things feeling ever so slightly psychotic? I mean, Sunday night, 10pm, we get a new old finance minister? What the actual fuck? Anyway, lets see how the stocks fall after this…

So the weekend was good! I’m really enjoying having my nieces here, I’m a bit sad that tonight they go home, but hey, that’s how it goes. Friday night was a casual relaxed one, we had an early dinner out, then collapsed onto the couch, watching some TV. Saturday we were up bright and early, off to do one of the local Parkruns. I was bound to Thandi, but she managed a good time for her 4 and a half year old legs. She ran for about a km, walked and niggled for 2 km, whinged for half a km, got a lift on mom’s shoulders for another km, and then was rejuvenated enough to run the last 500m. Sweet kid! The rest of Saturday was filled with birthday parties, afternoon naps (thank heavens!) and then dinner out with Dawnie and Pops.

Sunday I managed to get a long run in, and it was good (my calf has gently reminded me it’s there though, hmm…) Then we visited a local Christmas market, and then did some deli time, before an afternoon braai in the howling gales that hit yesterday! Last night I showed the girls the dvd of Pete van Kets and Bill Godfrey’s crossing of the atlantic in a rowing boat. they were stunned and awed. even more so when I told them what else this bloke and his wife have gotten up to! Legends!

Anyway people, it’s work time! Be good!


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  runnermum wrote @

Sometimes it feels like we are in America’s funniest home video’s. Hopefully Pravin will be better than David although he was in charge when the upgrades on Nkandla started.

The rest of the weekend sounds good though.

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