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What the…

…fuck just happened? And apologies for my language around about now, I am stunned! In one foul swoop, our shower-headed pres has just seemingly destroyed our economy, with absolutely no explanation. We are so screwed!

(in casde you are not south african, or have been hiding under a rock in the Transkei, Zuma last night fired Nene, our finance minister and sent our precarious economy into a very dramatic free fall)

Systematically this man has transformed what was a robust and people focussed democracy into a his own fiefdom. If someone disagrees with him, or dares to reign in these ridiculous expenses he seems to think are ok to rack up, they get moved along. He has surrounded himself with weak, spineless yes men, who will not cross him, agree with everything he says, even if it is the most ridiculous thing – yes, Jacob, built your mansions at Nkandla, we’ll call it a security upgrade, and if anyone dares talk against you, we will just ignore them; yes, Jacob, employ your ‘friend’ at SAA, and protect her at all costs, and you can fire anyone who challenges her, even if the national carrier collapses, never mind; yes, Jacob, let’s reward these people who line your pocket, it certainly isn’t a bribe, and let’s get a trillion dollar nuclear power deal, which the rest of the world has dismissed, and even although we have more sun and wind than we know what to do with – we definitely won’t use it for power production. Yes Jacob, yes Jacob, yes Jacob. How many more opportunities will this ANC allow him to sink us.

FFS, we need more than a miracle to rescue us, and since the great Gedleyihlekisa has decided the ANC will rule until Jesus comes, then Jesus better get a bloody move on!


  runnermum wrote @

Thank you!! I’ve been playing about writing this exact blog as well. Bloody fool.

And the best is that we can’t even leave because we have been waiting for an unabridged birth certificate for 4 months without getting one and now our money is worth even less.

I have a theory though – the very people that vote for this showerhead are the people that look towards the people not voting for him to give out handouts and charity. So maybe the time has come to stop with the charity and for all those voters to feel the brunt of their decisions? Is that too radical? Is it making the children suffer which is not responsible for any of this? How many blankets and toys have we all donated in one single year?

Oops hi-jacking your blog – sorry

  charliesbird wrote @

Hijack away!

  Heather wrote @

Hmm. I seriously think its time to take some action. I’ve never agreed with handouts, but I don’t think its the needy we should target. I’m going to give this a real think and then plan something. We have stood around and watched with complacency for too long. and as much as we can moan, unless we do something nothing will change. Revolution? Bring it on!

  MJ wrote @

Looking at the Rand/Dollar exchange rate on the left hand side of News 24 has become a bit like standing on the scale for me …. just too bloody scared to do it.

  charliesbird wrote @

hehe! I know, that’s a nervous laugh…

  MJ wrote @

I mean the right hand side.

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