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Reading and reviewing

…so this weekend I finished Justice Malala’s book, We have now begun our Descent. Oh my goodness, an incredibly insightful read. For me, as someone who loves my country, and doesn’t ever envisage living anywhere else, and who is distressed by what I see happening around me, this book managed to articulate all my fears and concerns. He also points out the potential paths our beautiful democracy could take from here on and where each might lead. I am always so comforted when someone else – someone important, manages to articulate, and so beautifully, with facts and references – some of what I feel and fear. I am not alone, there is someone else who believes in our potential as a country, who has been a supporter of the ANC, who still believes we can turn this ship around, who can see solutions, and spells them out. (Basically #zumamustfall) Thank you Justice, while I am chilled to the bone reading some of your book, I am heartened to not be alone.

That was my first non fiction read in a while, actually, no, in about 5 months. Before this I read Kim van Kets’s book, Tri the beloved country, about a woman who undertook a journey to run, cycle and paddle (hence tri-) the borders of our country. Over 5 gruelling months she achieved what she set out to do, in the process managing to develop a stress fracture, which meant she had to cycle (with one leg) instead of run her way home. Very few people could have done this – she is amazing, and her story about personal success and digging deep beyond the limits of human endurance make me like this beautiful woman even more!

In the fiction world, I have read a lot lately

  • The Ballroom Cafe – Ann Loughlin (a lovely light read, with ageing sisters who feud silently)
  • The Dressmaker of Dachau – Mary Chamberlain (started well, deteriorated with an annoying main character)
  • The First Rule of Survival – Paul Mendelson (great South African crime fiction read)
  • My Grandmother sends her Regards and Apologises – Frederick Backman (One of my favourites in recent times, despite being translated from swedish, a delightful story about a mysterious world a grandmother creates for her granddaughter, to help her and the other travellers on her journey cope with their realities – Highly recommended)
  • A Banquet of Consequence – Elizabeth George (another great read from this mistress of the crime genre, with her engaging characters)
  • Baby City – Freida McFadden & Kelly Stoddard (a very medical novel, young doctors specialising in OBGYN and the trauma we endure)
  • After you – Jojo Moyes ( a solid read, a good sequel to her hit Me before you)
  • The girl on the train – Paula Hawkins (another Gone Girlesque novel…)
  • Falling in Love – Donna Leon (love her work, love the beautiful prose, but not everyone’s cuppa, slow moving investigation set in Venice)
  • A God in ruins – Kate Atkinson (Loved, loved this book, set in WW2, engaging characters, not just another war story)
  • The Little Paris Bookshop – Nina George (another one of my favourites of 2015, given our holiday to France – a bookshop on a barge on the Seine – delightful characters, read it!)

So there you go, for the holidays (not that I am having a holiday!) I have stocked up on the latest Tony Park, An Empty Coast, The Girl in the Spider’s web by not Stieg Larsson, Make Me by Lee Child (the new Jack Reacher) The Crossing by Michael Connelly, and a few others, I’ll update you with a review now and again!

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  runnermum wrote @

Thanks for the recommendations, all new to me. I read an old favourite – Douglas Kennedy this weekend – always nice.

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