Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…was thy name weekend! But it was good, and I did find it life giving, eventually! Friday after a busy day at the office, the Despicable Me team arrived at the halloween walk and trail run. This year we spared our daughters the run, and let them just do the trick or treat walk – better plan – although they did come home with enough sweets to feed them over the next 6 months! The costumes turned out so well, TJ and I were the purple Minions, Charlie was Gru, MB was Dr Nefario and the girls were yellow minions. We were the talk of the walk!

Than it was onto dinner at my parents, because my brother and his wife had flown down for a visit. And despite the hecticness of the weekend, between the shop, being on call and being a parent, we had a great time with them! We seldom get just casual one on one time with them, and it was really good to just have some relaxed days with them. We had some great meals together, managed to check out the local brewery for Sunday lunch (which is just fabulous! They even have delicious home brewed iced tea which was divine) and even got in a run or 2. Good quality time! And Thandi loved the time with her uncle and aunt. Sweet girl, really made the weekend. By the end of it, she was exhausted, falling asleep on our way home from dropping them off at the airport, and staying asleep until bedtime!

The deli opened, and we had a great first day of trading, we were lucky with so many of our friends and family popping in, and I was so glad it all went well! Here’s to many more good and better days at Salut!



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