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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Challenge week

…so the time has arrived. The only other associate in my 4 man practice that does deliveries is on leave. I am therefore on my own for a week. Things got started last night, as I took over the weekend call, and the phone began ringing, and then there was a caesar… Let it just be said that I am not particularly excited about this week.

There is a massive to do list as well

  • santa shoebox shopping and finalising
  • interviewing a possible assistant for Salut
  • finding a sales till
  • waiting on the bank, then I can organise a credit card machine
  • painting shelves and things
  • ordering a few more stock items
  • work on my opening celebration
  • finalise an academic talk I am giving next week

Jingoes! It’s looking terrifying. Oh well!


  MamaCat wrote @

You will love it, getting ready for Salut to open.

  MJ wrote @

Good luck …. will have some stock for you by Friday. x

  Alexandra wrote @

Hope it goes smoothly

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