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Injury update

…ok, so after another round of treatment, I am feeling a bit better and will go for a run this evening, and see how it holds up. I am very worried about the training I have missed out on, this problem began just as I was due to ramp up my long runs, but I will just have to rely on my bloody mindedness and determination to get me through this trail event. Last week I managed 3 runs before the pain struck again, so I am hoping that this time I will manage more, and hopefully not have a recurrence! All things being equal, and my leg holding up, I will do 21 km on Saturday morning and 10 in the afternoon. A good effort at a bit of tired leg running, and it will all be slow, I promise. And if it gets sore, I will stop! If I still have a sense of humour the next day, I might do something small on the beach on Sunday, but that will be an easy one.

Roll on the weekend is all I can say!


  runnermum wrote @

Good luck with the running! Hope the leg stay strong.

  nyamazela wrote @

Hope your leg feels better soon. I went back to running on Sunday and could only manage 3km. But it feels good to be back… we’ve also been for a few loooooooong Saturday cycles along the Thames – tired legs and owey bottom!

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