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What I cooked this weekend

…so instead of bemoaning my fate and bitching about how busy I was at night this weekend on call, I thought I’d post some foodie news for you.

So on Saturday night we had our german friends over to watch the rugby and in the early hours of the morning, while waiting for a baby, I came across a divine looking recipe for fish tacos, which sounded at that crazy hour, absolutely divine! I’d also, earlier in the week spotted a recipe for an upside down pear cake on one of my favourite blogs, which I earmarked for the weekend. So Saturday afternoon, I got cooking, and look how delicious they both turned out…

IMG_1856Fish tacos with spicy slaw and marinated onions, with a side order of guacamole, creme fraiche and chilli. It was absolutely divine, the onions made it! you can find the recipe here –

IMG_1853Upside down pear and almond cake, which was light and delicious and fragrant. I think my almond extract may be a little old, and I think I could have put a little more in, but with baking I do tend to follow the recipe, rather than be creative. You can find the recipe here –

I do hope you all had good weekends! Sending positive vibes over the interwebs for the week!


  Alexandra wrote @

what a small world it is – I was friends with Sam Linsell of Drizzle and Drip back in the days when she still lived in Johannesburg (before she followed her dream and returned to Cape Town to become a foodie)

  nyamazela wrote @

Looks yummy!

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