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Story of my weekend

…is I guess the story of my life. It was busy, the babies were inconvenient. My leg is still sore, so I couldn’t do my training run. It was frustrating and distressing. Anyway, I survived. still hobbling, but I’m standing.

I delivered 6 babies this weekend, one of them a stillborn, which is never easy. my heart aches for these patients. In this case, it was even worse, she ‘belonged’ to my partner, and she arrived late on Friday evening to be admitted, so she was never handed over to me, so I felt a little unprepared. Nevertheless, I got it together, and we got her through what must be an altogether awful experience. All the other babies came with appropriate joy and excitement. (just wish they came at better hours!)

The leg is still sore, it’s a bit better this morning, but every now and again, it gives me an almighty tweak, and I am grounded again. I’m going to try to see if my physio might be able to tweak my trigger points this evening, she’s a mornings only worker, so it’ll be begging for a favour. Maybe if I bribe her with wine? And that’ll be assuming my 2 labouring patients will be delivered. Argh!

The story of my life…



  runnermum wrote @

Strange I’ve been reading about trigger points the whole weekend. Sitting here with the takealot website open – considering to buy a book about it. Should I? Do you think I could do it to myself/

  charliesbird wrote @

I’m sure you could, or t least direct your hubby to prod and poke the right spots!

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