Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Spring is

…in the air, the weekend was sunshiney and gorgeous! The garden is starting to bloom and blossom (as are the weeds, hmph), the light is brighter, everyone’s moods seem to be improving, divine!

Friday night, Charlie and I had a divine date night at a little pop up restaurant. We had a lovely meal, started with arancini (a deep fried risotto ball), mains was a delicious steak, perfectly aged, served with sweet potato chips and some delicious salad, and then dessert was a Turkish delight ice cream, with a mulberry sauce. Great use of local seasonal ingredients. We enjoyed a delectable bottle of red wine, from the Ernie Els cellar, but I am afraid I have forgotten the varietal. (it went straight to my head, so must have been good!)

Saturday was a busy day, I will soon be able to tell you some more about a new project I am undertaking, I was busy with that, and a few other things. Thandi and I went to watch the matinee performance of Pater Rabbit, the ballet, at a local primary school. a few of her friends were in it; we saw Charlotte the lettuce,  Rebecca the kitten, Sara the mouse, Sarah the garden fork. It really was so very sweet! I do take my hat off to ballet teachers the world over who manage to herd a group of 4-11 year olds into some kind of organised chaos. It cannot be an easy task.

Saturday night we had some family over for a casual braai, and Thandi really connected with her little cousin, it was great to watch. For a long time, they have just checked each other out, but this time, they bonded over Lego (even if it was pink and girlified Lego, and J and her played each other to a standstill, both passing out in heaps at about 8pm.

Yesterday dawned as a peach of a day, and I set off early with M to  a nearby coastal village to run an 18km trail run. It’s one I’ve done before, but with a slight route change, and no river crossing/swim, it seemed a bit easier. I did take 45 minutes off my previous time for it, although, I did have so many moments of self doubt, it was ridiculous! Fortunately M is a great runner, and an infinitely patient running companion, so he waited for me, encouraged me along where necessary, and got me to the end quite respectably. Yay! We finished, celebrated with a shandy and a burger, and then it was home for a chilled out rest of the day. Yay for that!



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