Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Date Night

…happened last night, and a good date it was! I was tired yesterday, so got home, had a little half hour kip, read my book until we were load shat, and then we headed off to a new pop up, by a young emerging chef. He cooked us a fabulous meal – we had canapés and bubbles to startIMG_1409 I’m not sure what everything was, but the little fishcake had a delicious salsa and the crab and cucumber was refreshing.

I forgot to take a photo of the starter, but man, it was the best thing I’ve tasted in a looong time. It was a chicken roulade with a citrus sauce, flip, I nearly licked the plate!

Mains was a lamb shank, and it was really good, it was well cooked, subtly flavoured and served with some divine veggies! IMG_1412 The beans were perfectly cooked! We drank a delicious Flagstone Music Room Cabernet Sauvignon, it complimented the meal really well.

Dessert was an almost moussey caramel cheesecake – it was a lovely light ending to a great meal!IMG_1416

It was a good time for Charlie and I to just touch base and recap where we are, we both have a few irons in a couple of fires, and it has been important to just regroup. So where are we, a relaunch of an existing business, the start of a new one and a residential dream…

Ok, Friday, let’s show this weekend how it is done!

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