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A new addition

…meet Ntombi…017

In a moment of craziness, after waiting for over a year for a specific breeder to have a puppy for us, we rescued a little Jackie Russell. We have a nervous pup, trying to figure out what has gone on in her world; and a super excited, but clueless little girl!


So 2 weeks ago my nurse was a bit late for work, her husband had given her a ring, while he was out cycling in one of the farming areas, saying she needed to come and give them a hand, they had come across a pup who had been hit by a car. She went along, got her home and nursed her back to health. They have tried hard to find her owners, called the local farmers who have had a meeting and showed her photo to them, but no claims. Also she was quite skinny, so we suspect she’d been on the road a bit. Anyway, her cats were not thrilled with this new arrival, they were into sunning themselves, not playing with a rumbunctious pup, and she knew we had been looking for a pup, and presented this beaut to us. And after a moment’s consideration, we said yes! And now we have our own Ntombi! Anyway, she seems almost fully recovered from her brush with destiny and is now living in the lap of luxury. And she is such a sweet little pup! Today she is going to visit the vet, and we will get her fully checked out and up, and chipped!

In other news I managed a run yesterday without nausea or cramps! Yay! Going for another run this evening!


  runnermum wrote @

We have a pure bred Border Collie and a rescue Labbie and all I can say is that a rescue dog is 100 times better.

Enjoy her!

  Alexandra wrote @

Rescue is the best!

And great news about your run too 🙂

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