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Knysna race reports

…and so we are back from a moderately successful weekend away. I am tired, but my muscles are recovering quite quickly and I even contemplated a run this evening, until I looked at my diary… But enough about that.

Saturday morning started very early for me, I had to get from Plettenberg Bay through to Knysna by about 05h30, to catch a taxi up to the start of the race. I find this whole process all rather frustrating, because to arrive in the freezing cold forest (and admittedly it wasn’t as cold as in previous years) and hang around for 2 hours until the start of the run is just a drag. Yes, the give out blankets, and there’s coffee and rusks and all that jazz, but I think I am just over the hurry up and wait drama. Anyway, the run was ok, I struggled a bit this year, I really do get bothered and distracted by hearing people talk around me. It’s much better when I am a bit stressed and just focus on myself. So I let myself get freaked out by the hills and the weather. There was quite a berg wind on top of the mountains, and it was cold in the valleys, why I obsessed about it, I don’t know. I finished strong and although being a bit disappointed with being slower than last year, I ran a reasonable 2:17.

Saturday lunch was really pleasant, except for a bit of a breeze that came p, and we headed to one of the local vineyards for lunch, Bramon Estate. Ireally can recommend them for a lovely Mediterranean type lunch, with tapas and pates and salad and delicious (don’t tell Tim) bread. We drank some delicious bubbly and relaxed, until the weather turned and things started to look dire…

Overnight it rained and got really cold, we woke up on Sunday morning, got all dressed up again, and off we went, off to Rhenendal to run the Houtkapper Trail run. This time DrHF made it to the start, and we headed off to run our 15km through arguably one of the prettier routes I have ever done. In the forest it was cool and calm, outside the forest the wind howled and witches’ nipples shrieked! Crikey it was cold! I will say there were an awful lot of l..o..n..g… MFH’s in the forest, but still beautiful! The paths were nice and soft underfoot, not too slippery given the rain, really a pleasant experience. And how bizaare, another 2:17 run! (but it was only 15km this time) It was a good team building experience for DrHF and I, you see in November we tackle the 3 day stage trail run, the Fairview Dryland Traverse, around Oudtshoorn. I am pleased to know I can do 2 toughish runs on consecutive days, now to add a few kays to each day and throw in a 3rd run!

096 120

To celebrate our success, we headed to Zinzi’s at the Tsala Treetop lodge for lunch, a really lovely spot, which once again proved itself. I, sadly, got quite ill afterwards, not sure if it was the exertion, dehydration, a bug or just a protest, but not a reflection on the meal.

Yesterday it was the journey home and then a good sleep in my own bed…


  runnermum wrote @

Still jealous although you make it sound less than fantastic.

Multi day events are actually not so bad. We did the Wildcoast Wild Run twice and I’ll be back for it year after year if it wasn’t for the cost.

  charliesbird wrote @

You know, it will always have a soft spot in my heart, but after 5 halves… Maybe I’m done. The trail run, however, I will be back for any time!

  MamaCat wrote @

You look so happy and your daughter is beautiful

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