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Where in the world

…is my motivation? Every morning I set my alarm for 04h30, and then when it goes off and it’s dark and cold and miserable (drizzling this morning), I roll over and go back to sleep. The real problem is that I am not getting to my run later in the day either. Oy! I am not doing well here, am I? Half marathon in 11 days, trail run in 12… I have managed to curtail the eating since yesterday – I know that that isn’t a huge achievement, but it has to start somewhere.

Ok, let’s be accountable to you all – time trail this evening, 10km tomorrow morning!

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  runnermum wrote @

Oh hear you on the motivation, I was supposed to start exercising this past weekend and it didn’t happen at all.

Maybe just maybe I’ll go to the gym this afternoon.

We are actually discussing treadmills at the moment….

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