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Second semester planning

…yes, I know that sounds weird, but my year, this year is divided into 2 distinct semesters. The first being part of a 3 doctor practice, the second as part of a 2 doctor practice. On 6 July another of my partners quits doing any obstetrics (delivering babies) and then there are only 2 of us. Which means a whole lot of fairly awful things, like every second night on call, every second weekend on call, very short holidays, much less freedom… I’m so glad I got my France trip in when I did. Because that was indulgent, time wise. Well, I could curl up in a heap at this point and weep, or I can slap a smile on my face and get on with it. Today I am feeling motivated and strong, so today is a slap a smile on kinda day. That is even despite sitting down with my remaining partner and sorting out those call weekends… realising that this is going to be seriously tough, but that I have a mate on my side, and together he and I will cope. My God, we have to… my family depends on me…


  runnermum wrote @

Goodness Birdie that is really hard! Good luck – are you guys going to look for another partner?

  drhf wrote @

Start writing those emails to everyone. Those with jobs and those without jobs. Send Send Send, even overseas!

There must be someone somewhere!

  Alexandra wrote @


Good luck.

Fake it till you make it?

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