Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…for the brief interruption in services. This blogger takes full responsibility for her actions, SHe was away, then kinda forgot she had a computer and failed to update. I hang my head in shame…

The weekend was good! We left for the farm on Friday morning, took a leisurely drive there and then we put our feet up and relaxed! Yay! The weather was good, Thandi had a good run around and bike ride. She got to collect some eggs and once her friend had arrived, they ushered the geese back to their home for the evening. So sweet! After a good dinner, we had a fabulous snooze!


Saturday dawned cool! MB and I headed off for a run over the farm, it was rather fresh! Brrr!The day warmed up with a sneaky breeze in the background, so we behaved like dassies, reading and snoozing in the sun.

An awesome nap followed, then we got ready for our Christmas in June celebration! But how was the sunset!

IMG_0934 IMG_0940

And what a Christmassy feast we had – gluwein, goose, knuedel, stollen, Christmas pudding truffles and some delicious german biscuits (which I cannot spell!). It was an absolute delight! We even had Christmas crackers and everything!


Sunday dawned with another run, a game drive and then a leisurely drive home.


The rest of the time of was a mixture of housework – I decluttered almost all my books and all my magazines (gulp, swallow, weep…); and work (one baby on Tuesday) Work has been quite busy, so I am feeling a bit stretched. Somehow I don’t think it’s going to ease up for the foreseeable future…

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  MamaCat wrote @

This pictures are beautiful. Sounds like so much fun.

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