Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

When it rains

…it pours and the gods are laughing at us right now! So 2 vehicular disasters in 2 days…

Saturday night Charlie’s driver and kombi are transporting a group of woman back from a luxury spa a little way out of town when the vehicle stops going, the driver manages pulls over and is unable to go again. Charlie heads out at 19h00 to go and rescue the guests and his driver. They elect not to tow the vehicle back in the dark, and leave it locked up and secure on the side of the road. Sunday morning bright and early they head out to find the vehicle has been stripped. All the electronics, the battery, one tyre, and a damn good attempt at stealing the entire thing has happened. So, calls to insurance and towing companies ensue… and that was Sunday.

Monday morning Charlie is driving down one of the main drags in our town when a young lady forgets to stop at a stop street and drives straight into the side of him, in an unavoidable accident (for him). Unfortunately the damage although not serious has rendered the vehicle undrivable. More calls to insurance companies (ours, since she is not insured – who does that these days?) and towing companies ensue….

Bear in mind that he does have another vehicle, which is currently rented to a group of sailors here on a long term stay, and a scooter. So nothing he can use to transport other sailors and children to school.

So from a 4 vehicle, 1 scooter family, we are down to 1 car and 1 scooter. Fun bloody times ahead!


  waitingbetweenthelines wrote @

Oh no!! Sounds like a hired car might be necessary, arghhhhh!

  charliesbird wrote @

hopefully he picked it up this morning…

  nyamazela wrote @

Let it all out, Birdie!

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