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Weekend celebrations!

…and the celebrations have continued! It’s really been a wonderful time.

DrHF arrived for the weekend on Friday evening and we punctually headed off to a Lebanese evening at one of the guesthouses that hosts the occasional pop up restaurant. While it might not have been the finest cuisine, the company was great and we had a fun evening!

Saturday morning started with a good run, on a gorgeous clear morning, the sea was like a lake and it was a treat to enjoy such a day. Then it was time to start working on my birthday party planning.

All I can say is that I was blessed! We were shown this little picnic spot by friends of ours on a local farmers farm. After falling in love with it, we made some calls and we gat a ‘Yes! of course!’ from the farmer when we asked if we could use it. It was a spot next to a little stream, with some concrete tables and benches, a huge fireplace, all hidden away in the trees, so beautiful! So we cleaned up a bit, tidied a few things and then started decorating – we strung meters of bunting up, hung up some Chinese lanterns. The weather predictions for Sunday looked a bit dismal, which was hard to believe on Saturday, because it was glorious! Nevertheless, there was a lot of pleading with the weather gods, and thankfully they played along. Sunday dawned overcast, but dry! So, on Sunday we headed out for the final tweaks, setting tables, arranging flowers, pitching Thandi’s tent for her and her friend, and then it was just for my chef lady to arrive, set up, and then the guests to arrive! Everything worked so smoothly, it was  fantastic! Some gests ignored both my carefully planned directions and the signboards we erected, and ran a few detours, but in the end, everyone arrived and great fun was had.

Food was incredible – on arrival guests started with a truffled cauliflower soup, delish! The starter was a rabbit pie, which although some people were a bit squeamish about, was really tasty. In fact if I hadn’t have known that it was rabbit, I would have assumed it was chicken. Mains was a truly beautiful cassoulet, served with French onion tart, some green beans, a lovely salad and baguettes. Dessert was divine! Tiny crème brulees, tart au citron, and little chocolate fruit tart. A feast, made even more impressive by the fact that the chef did it all in an open air picnic spot, with no formal ‘cooking area’! Thanks ChefLady!

I have been so spoilt and so blessed! Thanks to all those friends who made huge efforts to get there, spoilt me with indulgent gifts and shared this celebration with me! For those who couldn’t be there, I missed you all! 132  141 063 070 071 140


  waitingbetweenthelines wrote @

What a lovely celebration!

  MamaCat wrote @

Wow, it does sound like a lovely celebration. Love Thandi’s tent.

  the aunty formerly known as donzil wrote @

Looks so awesome. Bleakies to have missed it 😦 glad you had an awsome time, well done weather gods!

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