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Serious Friday

…I went to bed last night feeling very sad for our beautiful country. A beautiful place that I love, that I am totally invested in. I’m not quite sure what we as a nation have done to deserve this disaster. Our ‘president’ has developed some French tendencies – laughing while his people suffer. Abusing the position with which he was entrusted. Our 2010 soccer world cup seems to now be a bit of a joke, we had to bribe people to win that award to host. The man who spear headed the campaign, on the same day the story breaks is appointed mayor in a city in which he does not even live.

What has happened to our integrity? What has happened to our self worth? When these things happen I expect someone to resign, someone to say, ‘I’m sorry, with all that is going on, I cannot accept your nomination/appointment/bribe.’, someone to carry a moral torch. Is it too much to expect? Instead I see greed personified, I see people adjusting laws to accommodate their own flaws, I see a ‘president’ laughing all the way to the bank. He may certainly be living his dream, while we are seeing nightmares realised.

I’m so very sad. For the first time I am not very optimistic. I think our rather undemocratic democracy is screwing up so badly, it will take too many generations to fix. There will be more lost generations, more parentless children, more decay and more loss of self worth, and that, my dear friends, is where the problem begins…


  runnermum wrote @

Amen. I think I need to start playing ostrich, i can’t cope with this moral decay.

  waitingbetweenthelines wrote @

I feel exactly the same… very distressing and sad.

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