Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Princess Aurora Party

…so, as I mentioned, the birthday party was great fun! Thandi had fun and all her friends seemed to enjoy themselves. There weren’t tears, melt downs or tantrums! Instead, smiles, laughter and shrieks of delight; Paint smeared fingers, chocolate polluted faces and grimy toes. It was great!

IMG_1997The cake and the party packs on display. Aunty Donty made the amazing figurines and I made the cake, which developed a bit of a lean…

IMG_2001 Isn’t she just gorgeous?

IMG_2007The party table, displaying some of the snacks for the children.  IMG_2025 Thandi and (one of her) boyfriends!

IMG_2030Thandi and her sister from another mother.

IMG_2035 IMG_2038 IMG_2039 Food, glorious food!

IMG_2048 Love this one… Princess in pink sandals

IMG_2060 Thandi’s cousin enjoying the swing!

IMG_2095 IMG_2174 IMG_2181 All the princesses photoboothing and pinning jewels on the crown!

IMG_2214 IMG_2276Wand and sword decoration

IMG_2303 Pass that parcel girls!

IMG_2347My princess – disbelief at her luck!

I was left exhausted and desperate for an ice cold glass of something (we had a serious berg wind that day – temperatures of over 30!), but seeing her joy was entirely worth it. When I asked her what her favourite part was – the painting, the pin the jewel on the crown, the photo booth or pass the parcel, she replied, “Mom, it was when we played on the jungle gym!” Sweet girl.

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