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Planning and shedding

…does Eskom not realise when they unexpectedly change the load shedding schedule, it completely throws me! Eeeek! Last night I had planned to get stuck into some baking for Thandi’s party after supper – biscuits, which I will need to ice over the next few days. Anyway, at about 16h00 the message came through that they had changed the schedule, and now I would be without power from 8-10, which would mean a VERY late night if I waited to bake after supper. So I rushed through my afternoon, so that I could get home ASAP to get stuck into the baking. Well, I am pleased to announce that I got it all done by 19h15, which meant I cold put my feet up for 5 minutes, before I wrapped the pass the parcel and worked on some hats for the fairy godmothers. (in the dark) I couldn’t wait to even see the power come back on, after a busy Sunday night/Monday morning on call, I was tired, and after the rush of baking and crafting I was done! I climbed into bed at 31h45, leaving Charlie to switch off lights and all that jazz (Thanks, Lovey!)

Tonight we are off to another wine tasting/auction, so I probably won’t get too much done before we go out, maybe I will make the icing for the biscuits, and maybe I get to pipe a few outlines?


  runnermum wrote @

Reading what you do makes me tired!! 🙂 . Loadshedding is really turning into a big problem.

  charliesbird wrote @

it is, hey! Really getting resentful now.

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