Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.


…my first DNF! (which if you don’t know is a Did Not Finish) Argh! I started a 15km race on Saturday, and couldn’t finish it, I’m feeling a bit bleak about it, actually. I had had a bit of gastro on Friday afternoon and evening, but overnight felt fine and my tummy felt ok in the morning when I woke up, So I headed off to the run at some ridiculous hour of the morning. I started ok, feeling a bit nervous, but settled in and felt strong initially, only to start seriously cramping at 5km. I walked a bit, ran a bit more, and at the watering point at 6km I decided that I just couldn’t carry on like that with 9 more km’s to go, so a tearful and bashful call to Charlie to please fetch me was made, and so I retreated to my house…

Anyway I have fully recovered and had a lovely 10km run this morning. Thank heavens that didn’t happen a month ago!


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  runnermum wrote @

Don’t beat yourself up about it. A tummy bug is the worst thing when running.

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