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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Dancing around the maypole

…phew! May is a busy month this year – Thandi’s 4th birthday, my 40th. Lots to do and plan.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed, but am meeting with my chef friend tonight, so I am sure I will have most of my plans in place then. Invitations have been made, and must just be printed and distributed. Costumes are being made for Thandigirl’s Sleeping Beauty party. (well, hers has come all the way from DLP, it’s the 3 capes for the fairy godmothers that are being produced!) And I must work on some crafty things for the children. I love Pinterest and have found cute alice bands and hair clips to make for the girls; the boys, however, are another matter! The cooking and baking schedule has been sorted out, let’s just hope everything works out as it should. And let’s hope I convince TAFKAD to help with the figurines for the cake! No pressure D!

Anyway, I am glad I did have a good holiday, and that my soul is rejuvenated, and I ‘sien weer kans’ to get stuck in. I am enjoying the creative challenges, and looking forward to seeing my end results!

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  Alexandra wrote @

I have a pigeon pair and I often get stuck when it comes to themed party pack gifts for the opposite sex.

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