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living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Disney magic for the final instalment in our holiday news!


…so after a drive back to Paris, dropping TAFKAD off at the airport, we caught the TGV to DLP, arriving at around 18h30, but still plenty light to pop in and see some sights and catch a few rides. We stayed in the Newport Bay Hotel, which I knew was undergoing some renovations, but was really ok. I really was stunned though at the size of the hotels – in our wing, on our floor there were over 300 rooms. That’s 1 wing, 1 floor, 1 hotel, so the number of people in the whole park there on a daily basis is mindblowing!

Big highlights for our princess were meeting the other princesses and some of the different characters – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, the chipmunks; rollercoasters (she especially loved the teacups); seeing Disney Junior live and the train which goes around the whole park. What I will say is that despite getting access to the park 2 hours early and despite fastpass, DLP is the place of LOOOOOONG queues. I found that exhausting and frustrating. But, you know what, it didn’t matter too much. The magic was incredible and watching my little girl’s face light up with pure delight and disbelief was worth every moment.

The other truly incredible thing is the Disney Dreams show – seeing how they light up that castle, coordinate the fireworks and fountains – it’s pure magic! We only watched it on 1 night, because it is at 22h00, when the park closes, and that was very late for our little lady. 917 919 927 942 964 966 1017 1028 1054 1084 1088 1098 1323 1337 1352 1382

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