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Workers day

…and that is what I am doing. Boo! Anyway, part 3 of the holiday report!


So after a great 4 nights in St Nicholas de Bourgueil, we jumped in the car and headed south to the Dordogne region. We stayed in a little cottage just outside of a tiny village called Tremolat. As we drove south, so the architecture changed, the villages went from grey slate roofs to more romanesque terracotta roof tiles, the colours deepened. It was intriguing to observe. We arrived in cool rainy weather, settled in for a quiet Sunday evening. the next morning, bright and early we headed off to see what we could see in the area, bearing in mind, many places do not open on Mondays. We travelled through Tremolat, found a hotel for sale with a magnificent view and dreamt a little… Then it was off to a little Michelin starred restaurant in Tremolat for the chef’s tasting menu for lunch. washed down with a beautiful bottle of cool rosé (again…) we feasted on the most beautiful meal – delicate flavours of sea bass, snapper, duck, chicken, foie gras and truffles (the area is known for its truffles) in the most beautiful gardens, with a little stream running through… It was so surreal…

Other highlights included some more chateau-ing, we saw both Chateau Castlenaud and Beynac; seeing the Grotte Proumeyssac (kinda like our Cango caves, but on a smaller scale); the incredible gardens at Les Jardins de Marqueyssac; getting quite lost (damn GPS took s to the wrong village!) and a wonderful market in the town of Sarlat. the market was the biggest one we attended – bustling with people (lots of English folk) and more and more stalls, down side streets and alleyways. We found delicious things to eat – a personal favourite was the fig stuffed with foie gras…

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  sabine wrote @

From the photos, seems like you had wonderful days AND have been honored with the presence of a pretty little princess! What more can one ask for?

  countesskaz wrote @

I have been the worst blog reader this year. But I’ve caught up and what an awesome sounding holiday you had! Have enjoyed seeing your photos on Instagram. So pleased you had a memorable time.

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