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I did it

… So on 12 April 2015 I ran my first marathon! It wasn’t the fastest, it wasn’t the slowest, but it was mine. I loved it! The run started nice and cool, along the Champs Elysses, then headed via Bastille into the burbs around Paris, then back to Bastille and past the Eiffel Tower into some more burbs, then finishing on avenue Foch, leading up to the Arc D’Triomphe. 

It got warm out there, but since I’d been training in the hot SA summer, it really wasn’t an issue. The watering points were interesting. Every 5km as opposed to our 3km. They gave us water, orange slices, sugar cubes and raisins. No coke. One station at about 33 km had an energy drink, I stopped and had 2.  Oh, and the water was in plastic bottles – a plus and a minus. You could close it up and carry it along! 

I found the atmosphere incredible. I wore a SA shirt and to every person who shouted, ” Go South Africa!” I say thanks. There was even a Saffer who stopped took my hand and encouraged me, “Come on my girly, you’re doing so well” awesome. I eventually found a fellow Saffer to run with, we lasted about 5km together and found each other at the end again. Chris from JHB, you truly made my day. Thanks for being so encouraging. And as for the Aussie who pulled me along with a comment, ” There’s only 1 thing a South African likes less than being beaten, it’s being beaten by an Aussie, come with me,” you were amazing. 

All in all a mind blowing experience. Paris, I might not be back for you, but 42,2km, I’ll be back for you! 

Today I have even managed to climb the towers of Notre Dame and wander the Seine, some discomfort, but not unbearable.  So, what’s next? I wonder… 


(And in case you’re wonderingly, 4:45)


  Charlie wrote @

Awesome my Love ! You rocked it !

  runnermum wrote @

Well done Birdie! I was sending good positive thoughts your way all the time on Sunday! What a time – you can be so proud of yourself!

Well next target – Two Oceans 2016!
And then Comrades 2017! 😉

  Alexandra wrote @

What an amazing experience! I’m so happy for you. (And jealous of your parisien sight seeing).

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