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Making lists

…the stage I am at. Making lists of what to pack; what must still be done; shopping to be done for the weekend. Collating all the information we need on holiday – booking confirmations, car rentals, air tickets. I am a veritable organizational geek at the moment. Saying that, preparing for 3 weeks away from home is quite daunting. Thankfully we really do live in a global village, so we will never be far from contact.

So what is left to organise? I simply need to rethink what we pack, temperatures are a lot lower than I thought they would be, so some of the lighter clothes will be getting swopped out. I am still looking for a funky running shirt to catch some attention with. It is really hard to find any SA branded stuff, some one suggested the airport, which is a bloody good idea, so I will peruse duty free while I am there. Charlie needs to get a suitcase from his mum. And then we need to pack!

6 more sleeps till we go, 11 more sleeps till my first marathon


  MamaCat wrote @

Exciting, exciting. I too am a list maker

  runnermum wrote @

Why don’t you get a t-shirt printed? Buy one that is made from wicking material and put your design on?

Hey I’ll keep a look out a tomorrow’s Two Oceans marathon expo and if i see something I can always buy it and DHL it to you.

  charliesbird wrote @

The whole printing thing is quite hard, I could get 40 done! But the guys who do the one off things need a heat resilient shirt, and most of the technical stuff you can’t, sadly! Thanks for thinking of me!

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