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11 & 16

…more sleeps until we leave for Paris and until my first marathon. Squeeeeeeal! I really can’t believe how close it is getting! Last night I sat and drew up my lists of things I must pack. I must say, I think we are going to be well sorted. Well, I really hope so, if I think of all the planning that has gone into the trip. I’ve also now printed out all the email confirmations and details, like directions and all that jazz, stuck it all into a file, so I will, if nothing else, be organised. The only things really left to do now are to pack and get my forex. Oh, and I have to do this weekend on call, do a talk at an antenatal open day (which I must still put together) and get through next week’s work.


  TAFKAD wrote @

Man alive, I can’t believe I have my forex and the organizational whizz of all time doesn’t 🙂 thanks for being the primary mover and shaker and planner in all this babe, I really appreciate it so much, if not for you I would currently be planning what tv to watch on my leave.

  charliesbird wrote @

Ha! I have not left the office at a respectable hour to sort out the forex, but I’ll get there!

  Charlie wrote @

woohoo , nearly there !!

  drhf wrote @

you do know that they can deliver it to you…..

  charliesbird wrote @

Yip, just called and sorted!

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