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…more sleeps! And then we climb on the plane, head to JHB, before climb on another plane and head to Paris!!! I cannot believe after all the planning and plotting; all the talking and dreaming, it is almost here! And it’s not quite real to me yet that after all this training and all these hours on the road I am going to run my first marathon. There are a few things on my list this week, we need to get another suitcase, finalise an international drivers license, book a hire car and I need to start making lists of things to pack. I’m really pleased we are staying in an apartment in Paris where we can do our laundry, so I don’t have to haul stinky running clothes all over France with me. Medicine chest needs to be checked and restocked; and money finalized.

So, our itinerary is more or less sorted – any must sees you think we should see, my loyal blog readers?


  runnermum wrote @

Jealous, jealous, jealous!! To run your first marathon in Paris – it can’t get better.

i absolutely loved the south of France. If you have the time – Versailles is absolutely amazing.

Warm clothes – April is not quite spring yet.

  charliesbird wrote @

Yip, Versailles is on the list.

  MamaCat wrote @

Exciting stuff. Good luck with getting things ready.

  Alexandra wrote @

Versailles – oooh so jealous

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