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…I’m just gonna go outside and eat some. Boy, oh boy, am I feeling sorry for myself! My run of positivity seems to have ended. I am overwhelmed by everything!

Work is hectic! I am picking up the slack for my associate who is unexpectedly away. His patients are being slightly understanding, but some are making things difficult. (there always are 1 or 2 who do their best to take their bad day out on you). But I am spinning.

I haven’t managed to get a run in since my aborted run on Sunday morning. Running to work, while on call, with cell phone in pocket, when it starts to rain is generally not a great idea, so I had to turn back after a km. I’ve managed to totally freak myself out because I didn’t have a longer run this weekend. I know in theory it isn’t an issue, but you know how it is when you don’t really know what you are doing. I spent yesterday lurking in chat rooms where people were discussing their training, and they all ran these huge distances this last weekend, and I didn’t, so now there is a hint of panic. Time to chat to my coach, I think.

Argh, I’m just a bit stressed out, tired and at the moment, I’m not sure how I am going to get through this week. But I will just keep swimming, swimming, swimming… and try not to drown in the process.



  runnermum wrote @

You can’t catch up on km’s – OK I know I should practice what I preach. To run a marathon is the same pain for a different time frame – it doesn’t get worse – take it easy from the start and you’ll make it. Do you have a time in mind? And do the compulsory walks.

On the other stuff – just keep swimming girl.

  charliesbird wrote @

Thanks, I’m just plodding along, hoping to do about 4;30.

  Alexandra wrote @

Have you read “How To Eat Fried Worms”? A favorite from my childhood 🙂

  charliesbird wrote @

I think I have, must look it up again!

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