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Rest day

…phew, and am I glad about that! The week hasn’t been too bad; work has been manageable, I got to watch Thandi’s kindermusiek demonstration class yesterday (so sweet and noisy), and swimming (she’s managing a whole length of the pool now – about 25m!) and today I’m hoping that I get to her first dancing class! The girl really really wanted ballet shoes from Father Christmas, if you recall, which she got, along with a leotard, stockings and a skirt, and I really struggled to find a ballet class for her age group, so I put the whole thing on hold. Last week I decided to email a patient of mine who does more general dancing and movement classes including the little ones, and so today she is finally going to give it a go, see if she likes it. Watching her trying to copy children she sees dancing on the TV makes me think she will love it, sweet girl!

Running has gone nicely this week so far, I ran another half on Saturday (another new pb!) and have clocked 30km so far this week, and a hectic session with my personal trainer – star jumps and burpees anyone? I am really relishing the idea of this rest day. After the dance class, I’ve got a few errands to run, then hopefully home for a little nap and then some special family time!

I wish you all marvellous Thursdays!


  golddh wrote @

A half PB and all the fun girl stuff. Seems like a great week indeed!

  charliesbird wrote @

Welcome to my humble blog, David!

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