Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Thandi time

…and boy, does she lap up the attention! On Sunday I decided (and it was an active choice) to spend some quality time with Thandigirl. She has been so patient with mommy working and running, and, poor girl, she does beg me sometimes to not go to work, or to take her to school, neither of which I really can do. So, Sunday was some Thandi and mom time. We started with tea, and then a play in the garden, I was watering the garden, and she was helping, pulling the hose, watering her pot plant with her watering can and generally being sweet. We ended our session munching some delicious cold watermelon, as the wind started. Then it was a quick trip to the shops for a few things and then home for a delicious brunch, before we got on with the rest of our day. And that included baking a banana bread (I haven’t done that in years!) and then we painted and coloured and relaxed. In the afternoon a little friend came round and the 2 of them swam and swam until their lips were blue and their teeth chattering. And in the evening we watched a bit of tv together, cuddled under a blanket, had some yummy supper together, before bath and bedtime.


I am so stunned by the incredible little person growing before my eyes. She is charming and sweet, and kind. Make no mistake, she’s also strong-willed and mischievous sometimes, striving for independence beyond her years. But she’s mine, and she’s amazing! I am so blessed!

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  MamaCat wrote @

It is so important to have proper time together. Working and trying to be a good mom is hard work, lucky they are so easy to love

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