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…is a funny thing. I have really been pushing myself the last month, training, getting fitter and working hard at the hospital too. And I think the wheels are falling off. I feel exhausted! And it sapping my positivity that I have been trying so hard to maintain. Aitog! A never ending struggle.

This morning my alarm went off to go and run at 04h30, and I knew in my soul that there was no way I was going to be capable of putting one foot in front of the other – and that was jst to get dressed! So I canned that idea, blinked, and then my phone rang at 05h30 with a midwife on the other end who was over seeing a homebirth that was slowly going pear shaped. And I blinked again, and it was 05h55, time to crack on with the day. Oy! And so far today I have had  baby, done a clinic at the local state hospital and am now in the rooms, hiding away from the patients and the heat in my chilled-to-perfection office. Sipping an espresso, heaven forbid I forget the caffeine. One day I will have to compose an ode to caffeine!

Before I depart, I want to recommend a blog to you, written by a friend, the uber talented Mandy, this is one of the most exquisite pieces of writing I have read in ages – go and discover her art.

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  Mandy Collins wrote @

Thank you! And please look after yourself – you can’t look after anyone else if you are exhausted. I know from experience. Sending a huge hug.

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