Charlie's Bird

living the dream with Charlie and Thandi and chirping all the way back to the nest.

Thandi’s cycle tour

…was so sweet! She was entered in a 1.5km cycle on Saturday afternoon, but given that she is really not a very confidant cyclist, it was quite a thing. Charlie and I had to run along with her, and most of the time I had to steer to keep her out of the gutter. But despite coming second last, she is so pleased that she ‘won’ and got a medal. Sweet girl!

019 Before the race, getting ready.

022 Posing with her friend Charlotte. (Charlotte is nearly 6, so had a fast easier ride than T)

025With her Daddy, pedalling away! (with no one really visible around her anymore…)

So Saturday really was quite a day, a half marathon for me, a cycle tour for T. I even posed the question on Twitter that evening, if I took a bath, would it count as a triathlon? We finished the evening with a delicious dinner out with our friends, as we were all loadshat, A really fun filled busy day!


  runnermum wrote @

ohhh man that is so cute! I find it quite scary when Zoe cycles – they just have no clue. Wonderful to teach them the value of sport at such a young age.

  charliesbird wrote @

Definitely, I really was pleased by the fact that she didn’t notice that she came almost last. Was so happy to just take part!

  Alexandra wrote @

I think Charlie should have gone for a swim and then it could have been the family triathlon 😉

  charliesbird wrote @

Hehe! That would’ve been the thing! A Bird family tri!

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