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Love letters

…was the theme of our dinner this year. It was beautiful! I think because I was so worried about it being on the Friday night and not the Saturday, feeling like I was going to be under so much pressure, I got really organised with things, and it meant that Friday ran smoothly. Ok, so a picture fest is coming your way!

032 074 049 072 The décor – a simple white cloth, pink roses, and piles of ‘love’ letters  (they were actually some of the letters my mom and some friends used to write to me while I was at university), addressed envelopes as placemats and pasta letters. And let it just be said that that is a magnum of wine – we went through 3 magnums, 2 bottles of bubbly and 2 other bottles of wine! Hic!

076 The amuse bouche – a brie and gooseberry preserve ‘parcel’ I forgot to pop the rice paper stamps on those, oh well!

079 The starter of a cold strawberry soup, with parmesan biscuits.

080 The main course – love letters pasta, which is basically a stuffed pasta folded to look like an envelope. It was stuffed with a mixture of ricotta, pepperdews, olives and parmesan. I served that with a rustic tomato and garlic sauce. Divine!

045Dessert was a biscuit box, containing a layered dessert of walnut chocolate brownie, salted caramel mousse and chocolate ganache, with caramel popcorn as packing material. Yum!

031  The sweetie buffet!

I think everyone enjoyed it! I know I was more relaxed than I have been in years at this one, and I relished the time with the friends. Next year though I think we need to have rotating chairs, so we all get to speak to each other properly!


  runnermum wrote @

Gorgeous. Please mail me a biscuit box! 😉

  charliesbird wrote @

With pleasure! Although, not sure the salted caramel mousse would survive;-)

  Alexandra wrote @

All looks so divine. And great that you were so organised that you could fully enjoy it.

P.S. A tactic that I have used is for everyone to move down two chairs after each course. This means you are still seated next to your partner but the person opposite you changes.

  MJ wrote @

Outstanding, all of it! A Friday night is always a good one – socially. x

  MamaCat wrote @

This is so lovely. You really do details.

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