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Running and eating

…phew! I’ve picked my mileage up, and body is telling me. Aside from being a bit more creaky and croaky, I am HUNGRY! This morning I ran 10km at 05h00, got home, had a lot of water, had a shower, then ate some divine double cream Greek yoghurt, with some (RMR) nut granola and a few berries. I arrived at the office, did a bit of work, and by 9h30/10h00 I was starving! (well, not actually or literally, but my tummy was growling viciously at me!) So I had some nuts and a coffee, And now, a few hors later, I am starving again! Eeek! I really am trying to stick to my allotted calories (and carbs) for the day, but at this rate, I am going to eat my own weight in a day! The mornings I eat eggs are better, but Charlie preps brekkie and he can’t stomach eggs every day, so twice a week we eat yoghurt and nut granola. Growl! How do you runners deal with this? Before my run I have a Gi32 chew and an espresso.

In other news, Eskom are sabotaging my cooking plans, so far we have been shed almost every evening this week between 18h00 and 20h00. So no cooking for me, and a lot of braaing for Charlie! So apologies for the missing recipes!



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  runnermum wrote @

Ohhh how familiar is that growling stomach. The first year of Comrades I ate like a horse – I couldn’t wait for 10 in the mornings to pop over to Steers and get a large chips – yes I know – horrendous.

Now after almost 8 years of running I really can say that I eat like a bird. No breakfast, salad for lunch and after a hard run at night a glass of milk.

Sorry writing a blog now – all I’m trying to say is that your body will adjust – don’t worry too much about calories – just stick to your preferred eating plan – be it LCHF or carbo loading. But I know you are from the LCHF school – maybe up your fat intake?

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