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Driving me crazy

… is what the world is attempting to do. I keep trying to stay positive and upbeat, and trying not to take things personally, but really now, I do think the universe is trying to get me! I was on call last night, and in anticipation of that, I elected to have my rest day (from running that is) which meant that I did not have to get up at 04h30 for my o5h00 run. I went to bed, was deep asleep, when at 04h30, the phone rang, from casualty. A very stable patient, with what was probably a vaguely alarming symptom, needed an appointment to follow up on this. It was not urgent, the patient was entirely stable, so essentially at 04h30 I was expected to be a booking service. Grrr! Now make no mistake I have no problem whatsoever being called for an emergency which cannot be managed in an ER by an ER doctor, and I will move heaven and earth to help patients when I can, but to be asked for an appointment at 04h30, on the one morning I can sleep in a teensy bit…

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  Alexandra wrote @

Not fair 😛

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